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Outdoor Movie Screen Equipment-2[2012-12-08]
Outdoor Movie Screen Equipment-2 Spending more money than what is required is another common mistake made by organisers that have not conducted this type of event previously. Either way both scenarios can be avoided by planning your event objectives with Big Screen Hire, the experts in outdoor entertainment.
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Outdoor Movie Screen Equipment-1[2012-12-08]
Outdoor Movie Screen Equipment Hiring the correct screen and equipment for your outdoor movie night is essential to the success of the event. Insufficient advice could see you as the event organiser choosing a screen, sound system or projector that is the wrong size in comparison to your audience.
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Removable and durable screens[2012-06-25]
Removable and durable screens An inflatable movie screen is a large projection screen that is inflated with the help of an air pump. It functions very similarly to a bounce house or other outdoor inflatable entertainment device. These screens are most often used for outdoor movie parties or other events that require removable and durable screens.
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The biggest screen[2012-05-19]
The biggest screen There is nothing better than watching the Big Game on the biggest screen you can find! Big Screen Hire enables pubs, bars, community groups, businesses or anyone that loves their sport to bring the game to the location of their choice with our huge inflatable screens.
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The Service for The Screen[2012-03-16]
The Service for The Screen The Function of the inflatable screen is as the advertisement billboard. We can print any texts and pictures on it. It is most widely used for sales promotions, special events, trade shows, exhibits and conventions, tournaments, races and sporting events, entertainment marketing, sales meetings, company events, parades, collegiate, community events, point-of-purchase marketing, couponing, sampling, publicity opportunities, retail displays, etc. Its actual use and advertising effect has been liked by more and more people for its commercial or private use.
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Inflatable Outdoor Screen Safeguard[2012-01-09]
Inflatable screen Safeguard It is important to remember that an inflatable movie screen is not a permanent structure and should be disassembled and packed away following any use. If mud or other such nuisances make contact with the screen, it should be rinsed before folding. Inflatable movie screens need to be dried completely before folding. Most users find it convenient to roll the screen up onto a tube for storage. They can then be stored in any average storage space such as an attic or warehouse.
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